Our Services

Cine film to DVD

We can transfer your films (standard / single / super8) onto a chaptered and authored DVD, or AVI / MPEG format for home editing.
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Transfer to MPEG / AVI etc

We can also transfer your footage into other media formats including MPG4 / AVI / Quicktime and more, allowing you to store them on your choice of flash drive; portable hard drive or upload to Youtube, Facebook, and other host sites.

Camcorder tapes to DVD

VHS & SVHS / VIDEO8 / Hi8 / DV & Mini DV / Mobile phone footage / Video on USB transferred to DVD  Our personalised DVD conversions include a menu with motion icons at appropriate chapter points, and have an unique colour face print. Supplied in a hard case with  custom colour insert. 
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We can also transfer your Slides, Prints & Negatives to digital format. 

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